the billion-dollar me

I wish I had a billion dollars...

I have this thought often, usually when I am in the shower getting ready for the day. I'm sure most folks have similar thoughts. But why do I tell myself this? Why is this thought so prevalent as I start my day? Without giving it too much analysis, it is likely I am missing something in daily living or not satisfied with the direction of my life. Why else would I be wishing for something that would be so life-changing?

Rather than just dismissing this self-talk, I asked myself; "what would it really mean if I were a billionaire?" How would my life change? My natural tendency is to write a list, so I did. Here what it looks like:

If I had a billion dollars, I would:

  • I would lose weight and feel energetic
  • Have a great personal trainer get me in Shape
  • I would learn guitar from one of my favorite band guitarist
  • I would have often dinner at the beach while watching the sunset
  • I would go on great hiking adventures
  • I would dictate when, where and what I do when I work
  • I would get my kids the best eduction available
  • I would live where I wanted to live
  • I would eat delicious food every meal
  • I would have freedom to visit people that mattered to me
  • I would bike ride to work
  • I would only wear comfortable clothes
  • I would have as much time as I wanted to pursue my hobbies
  • I would learn how to cook from a great chef
  • I would master french and indian cuisine
  • I would go hunting yearly
  • I would have other people do things I don't want to do like laundry and mowing the lawn
  • I would get really good at golf
  • I would play golf 3 times a week, walking the course
  • I would get my family together and learn one song we could play together
  • I would learn how to make the best katsu curry
  • I would have an extremely simple life, know every item that I own
  • I would have a bbq once a year and invite all my friends
  • I would take time out and talk to my dad and sister regularly
  • I would do one big family thing once a year
  • I would climb mount fuji and do other adventures
  • I would perfect my Japanese
  • I would find the perfect beach type place to live 2 or 3 months a year, if it is a foreign country, I would learn the basic language of that country
  • When traveling, I would take business class or better
  • I would attend a lot of tech related meetups
  • I would master the concepts of stoicism
  • I would visit my in-laws a regularly
  • I would help the world learn new languages

As I look at this list, nothing seems as unobtainable like actually having a billion dollars. In fact, the pursuit of amassing a billion dollars would likely take up all of my time prevent me from achieving these things, even if I managed to pulled it off.

I think my self-talk is really telling me that I am not currently on a path that is reflecting my core values. While there are a few luxuries, like traveling business class or better, most of the items on the list they really have nothing to do with having a fortune. They relate to control of my time.

So, I am starting a journey. First step is to review what this list really means and how I can obtain each item.